About Me

I am an emerging, versatile media professional graduating from Humber College’s Film+Television Advanced Diploma Program. I have been involved in either on-location sound mixing, post-picture/assistant editing or post-sound editing for a total of 15 FMTV films in the past 8 months, while also continuing work in Humber College Esports’ Media Division which I founded in 2019. My efforts have earned me a spot on the Dean’s List.

I am trained and have experience with programs such as Avid Media Composer, Avid ProTools, and the Adobe Creative Suite ranging from Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom and After Effects. I am also familiar with crew hierarchy both on and off the set.

Asides from my primary passions of on-location + post-sound, post-picture and photography, I also have experience conducting interviews, directing, camera operating sports events and even refereeing.

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Nick and Jordan may be rivals on the battlefield, but in the grand chessboard they are teammates against sound itself. Will they be able to play their great card game without waking up Nick’s brother? Written, produced, directed, filmed, casted, and edited by Harrison Smith as part of Humber’s Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma program.

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