My 2022 Esports Videography Demo Reel

Documentary – Humber Esports Success Stories: Call of Duty

An Introduction to Humber Esports

A short feel-good video I lit, shot, directed and edited to introduce Humber’s Esports department & communicate a positive atmosphere one can expect when visiting the community.

Thank You Tunes

Jacob “Tunes” Lane was the captain of Humber College’s Call of Duty team, helping lead the squad to a CCL-record 39 straight series wins, 2 1st-place championship finishes and 1 3rd-place finish. Upon his graduation, I cooked this video together with him featuring his best highlights from his time under the HumberCOD Banner, and times I’ve interviewed him.

1 Hour Interview with Kevin Tang

During my time at Humber Esports, I conducted interviews with coaches, players and staff. One of my more favourite examples is when I interviewed HCE’s Student Director, Kevin Tang. While I liked to try to keep interviews for 10-15 minutes, I made an exception with Kevin to let him talk for as long as he wants considering his status in the organization and his wealth of knowledge.

Hawk Watch | March+April 2022

An example of some of the bi-weekly content I did for Humber Esports- with the help of my partner Adam Schierau we were able to archive the best highlights of Humber’s Esports teams, commentate over them, while also implementing interviews with coaches to create a 10minute piece that fans of HCE can use to keep up-to-date.

Humber Esports Top 25 League of Legends Plays | Sept. 2019 – May 2020

In a fairly straight-forward video, after a full season’s-worth of plays accumulated, we made Top 25s for most of our teams. This is a Top 25 of our League of Legends team, which required a lot of processing. The number animations were done by myself.

Nick and Jordan may be rivals on the battlefield, but in the grand chessboard they are teammates against sound itself. Will they be able to play their great card game without waking up Nick's brother? Written, produced, directed, filmed, casted, and edited by Harrison Smith as part of Humber's Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma program.

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