During my time in Humber’s Film & Television Production program I had the honour of being involved in the post-picture process on 6 productions- picture editor and assistant editor for 3 productions each. During this process I learned the ins and outs of both preparing the edit and editing pieces with Avid MediaComposer. All other Humber Esports and personal projects are done in Adobe Premiere.



Harry is a great assistant editor who has a wide array of knowledge in post-production and editing! Not only is he organized and timely, but he is also a person you can always talk to. Harry will find a way to help you out in the best way he can and helping make the project the best it can be!”

– Elliot Stickle, Picture Editor

“I count my lucky stars that I was able to get Harry as the Picture Editor for Sauced. This movie required patience and good comedic timing to make all the jokes work. Harry and I had a great time collaborating, making sure we got the most out of every scene. Harry is now the benchmark I have for all my editors and I am excited to collaborate with him again.”

– Hannah-Clare Rose, Director

Post-Picture Resume

For a complete list of my post-picture credits please refer to my CV on my About-Me and Resume.

Nick and Jordan may be rivals on the battlefield, but in the grand chessboard they are teammates against sound itself. Will they be able to play their great card game without waking up Nick’s brother? Written, produced, directed, filmed, casted, and edited by myself as part of Humber’s Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma program.

Location Mixer | Boom Operator
Picture Editor | Assistant Editor
Dialog/SFX/Ambience Editing | Mixing
Interviews | Montages | News Recaps