My On-Location Sound 2022 Demo Reel


“Working on set with Harry for Sauced was a wonderful experience. Harry works really hard to make sure you get clean and clear sound the first time. He is very creative in where he places plant mics and ensures there are always options. The sound Harry captures was so crisp that ADR was not a necessity for this film. Harry’s hard work made everything go easier in post-production. Harry did a great job and I can’t wait to work with him again.”

– Hannah-Clare Rose, Director

“Harry is a great and friendly person to work with! On set he is always prepared, excited to work and organized. He has amazing problem-solving skills and you can trust him with all your sound needs!”

– Elliot Stickle, Director of Photography

On-Location Sound Resume

For a complete list of my on-location sound utility credits please refer to my CV on my About-Me and Resume.

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Nick and Jordan may be rivals on the battlefield, but in the grand chessboard they are teammates against sound itself. Will they be able to play their great card game without waking up Nick's brother? Written, produced, directed, filmed, casted, and edited by Harrison Smith as part of Humber's Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma program.

Location Mixer | Boom Operator
Picture Editor | Assistant Editor
Dialog/SFX/Ambience Editing | Mixing
Interviews | Montages | News Recaps