Miscellaneous Skills

 While my primary skills are currently all in post-production, there are still other areas of media where I have experience. This page showcases what else I can do, even if they aren’t usually my #1 go-to for a project.

Sound Recordist

I have been in charge of on-location sound for 4 Humber productions so far- once as the mixer+Boom for a documentary, and as the sound mixer on-location for 3 dramas. I am trained with the SoundDevices 664 and 302 mixers, and am adept with lavaliere and boom microphones. 

Camera Operator

Since 2014, I have helped my dad over at Hockeyvideo.ca video tape hockey games for Minor-League AAA teams. My duties would be to set up the camera, tape the game (with appropriate pans, tilts and zooms), and then tear down. In the past we have been hired to camera operator live events such as th OHL Cup in 2017 and 2018, which is the big Minor Midget-AAA tournament of the year for OHL scouts to see who they would like to sign to their teams/camps.


While you can argue that I’ve done plenty of “directing” in my online content while editing, directing cinema is much different since you are working with actors and a dedicated crew. On top of directing The Great Duel, I was fortunate enough to be selected to direct the short film Bad Guys as part of Humber’s Film + Television Production Program, during our Studio Drama semester. I have also directed and conducted interviews for the HUMBER SUCCESS STORIES Esports documentary coming out this February. This was all done during COVID, so all the pre-prod, prod and post-prod had to be maneuvered with the COVID restrictions in mind. It put our crew harder against the grindstone, but certainly sharpened us up and we’re very happy with the end result.

To learn more about Bad Guys, click here!

VFX Editor

While nothing crazy was required, I was able to touch upon the required shots for the Bad Guys studio drama that I directed. I was able to remove tape, stabilize shots+apply appropriate filters for CCTV cameras, provide glows, split screens in half and do the title sequence. To see the examples of the VFX done you can refer to the Bad Guys VFX Page


Not that it has anything to do with media, film or Esports, but I am an OMHA-certified Level 2 referee. I have reffed a small handful of PeeWee -> Minor Midget rep games, lined the same age groups and have solo-reffed all age groups and levels in summer 3 on 3 hockey, from Tyke House League to breaking up fights in Men’s League. If you or someone you know happen to need a ref for these occasions you know who to call.

Nick and Jordan may be rivals on the battlefield, but in the grand chessboard they are teammates against sound itself. Will they be able to play their great card game without waking up Nick’s brother? Written, produced, directed, filmed, casted, and edited by Harrison Smith as part of Humber’s Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma program.

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