Many talented individuals came together to create this film, here is who they are and what they did!

Harrison Smith – Director | VFX Editor | Website Designer | Storyboard Artist

After video editing as hobby since 2007 and camera operating hockey games since 2014, Harrison Smith enrolled in Humber’s Film & Television Production Program with the intent of branching out and learning new skills. He has found himself being the most passionate towards directing, post-picture, post-sound and sound recording.

Kiara Eaton-McKay – Producer | Post Production Supervisor

Kiara Eaton is the Bad Guys Producer, living just outside of Toronto, Ontario. She has always loved working with people and cameras. She enjoys the challenge of working on a film set and hopes to one day work for a major production company and travel the world. 

Charlotte Kozak – Writer | Set PA

Charlotte Kozak was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Having a passion for writing since she was young, she decided to enrol in Humber College’s Film and Television Production program with the dream of becoming a screenwriter. She is currently studying in her second-year.


Bea Dator – Production Manager | Marketing Manager | Foley Artist

Bea Dator is a Bad Guys’ Production Manager, Marketing Manager, and one of the Foley Artists. She was born and raised in the Philippines and is currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Bea worked as a child actor and has always had a passion for film. She eventually realized that she enjoyed working behind the camera as well. Bea’s main career goal is to direct and produce a feature film for a major production company.

Anna Di Giovanni – Casting Director | Assistant VFX Editor

Born and raised in Toronto ON, Anna has always had a passion for film and storytelling. Being able to be a part of the casting process and be the medium between the actors and the crew has been a rewarding experience. She used this opportunity to further gain knowledge of working with a script and understanding characters to cast actors who are honest to the role. Anna hopes to apply what she’s learned to when she gets opportunities to direct in the future.

Lucas Solaro – Director of Photography | Sound Mixer

Introduced into the world of the screen via musical theatre, Lucas had implanted in his mind the chance to be part of film. Now after observing what it’s like in front of the camera, he is prepared to implement his own creative vision for the film.

Aaron Sinclair – Gaffer

Aaron Sinclair is a Gaffer based in Etobicoke, Ontario. He is constantly honing his skills to be as efficient as possible on set.

Marisa Wu – Grip

Bad Guy’s grip – born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and now based in Toronto, Canada. Kuan-Ying Wu enjoys capturing images and converting life experiences into creative ideas for film. After enrolling in Film School, she’s found herself to be more passionate about camera operating, cinematography and post-picture. She is always looking for opportunities to gain more experience in the film industry.

Mike Jones – Assistant Director | Assistant Mixer/Music Consultant | SFX Editor 

Mike Jones worked on Bad Guys as the Assistant Director and the Sound Effects Editor. Born and raised in Victoria, BC and now residing in Toronto, Ontario, he’s forever loved creating within the audio / visual spheres by making music, taking photos, and of course combining the two in the form of movies. He’s passionate about all aspects of Film but his strong suits are Sound Editing, Music Composition, and Picture Editing.

Long Le – Camera Operator | Music Editor

Born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, Long Le has always had a passion for mixing the beauty of Eastern and Western cinematography. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree of Media Production & Management at Hoa Sen University and a couple years of experience in the Vietnam film industry, Long Le seeks for a new challenge in the West with the Film & TV Production program at Humber College.

Katie Dennis-Jones – First Assistant Camera | Assistant Picture Editor

Katie Dennis-Jones, 1st Assistant Camera for Bad Guys. With a life-long fascination with the visual arts, Katie has been dedicating her time completing Humber’s Film & Television program. With a focus on honing her camera operating skills, gaining experience in lighting, and a few short film credits now under her belt, she is working her way to hopefully becoming a professional cinematographer.

Kyle Fisher – Second Assistant Camera | Foley Artist | Website Designer

Currently enrolled in Humber College’s Film & Television Program, Kyle has always had a passion for the magic of cinema as an avid movie watcher. Kyle has a large interest in storytelling and finds inspiration from music and everyday life. He one day hopes to pursue a career in scriptwriting when he graduates.

Joseph Galluzzo – Sound Recordist | Dialogue Editor

Born just outside Toronto, Canada, Joseph has always had an obsession with a camera, capturing something that will last forever. Focused on Sound Design and Picture Editing Joseph dreams of being behind the scenes of a large Television Series or Podcast..

Yi Man – Boom Operator 

Yi Man worked in the media and publishing field in Shanghai, China for a decade before he resided in Markham, Ontario. He keeps making photographs, music, and videos as his passion. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Tongji University and is currently studying the Film & TV Production Program at Humber College.

Shava Arafat – Production Designer | Promo Trailer Editor

With a background in art and costume design Shava is ready for any challenge. Jack of all trades, master of none.  


Matthew Bedforth – Art Director | Poster Designer 

Based in Toronto, Matt has found enjoyment in the ethereal nature of the art department, with the ability to work alongside a variety of other departments being one of the biggest rewards.

Alyssah Richards – First Assistant Art Director

Alyssah is a 22 year old filmmaker from Ajax ON. They’re currently finishing their second year of film school. Alyssah has had the honour of directing a short documentary and being a first AD for a short film. In the future, Alyssah hopes to tell stories that bring more diversity and representation into the film industry.

Alejandra Campos De Leon – Set Decor

Alejandra Campos De Leon was born and raised in Panama and moved to Canada in 2019 to pursue her dream to become a filmmaker. After finding her love of film she discovered she has a passion for different facets of movie-making. She has found to like all areas of the pre-production, production, and post-production phases, especially  as DP, producer & post sound roles. She is currently studying in the Film & TV Production program at Humber College.

Dom Aaron – Picture Editor 

Born in Bowmanville Ontario, Domenic was raised on classic films and acquired a passion for filmmaking early. He shot backyard films throughout his youth, falling in love with the art of directing, cinematography and editing. Domenic now studies at Humber College, continuing to hone his skills in the Film & Television Production program.

Dylan Best – DIT/BTS | ADR/Foley Recordist  

Dylan was born and raised in the slums of Northern Ireland. From the time he could walk he had but one dream, the dream of one day becoming a DIT. He’s spent the last 24 years of his life passionately inserting and ejecting portable storage devices.

Mark Mendoza – Script Supervisor 

Mark Mendoza was born in the Philippines, came to Canada when he was just 9 years old. He started taking interest in technology from a young age. He was analytic of the things he watched and he loved the feeling of being moved by great stories. Eventually starting out with his passion for editing when he joined a small film club in middle school. Mark always took a huge interest in softwares and gadgets. As of now, Mark is a student of Humber Film and Television Production Program and he is also doing videography on the side. Mark’s current goal in life is to be a picture editor for feature films.

Sebastian Glassco – Craft Service 

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Sebastian has had a love for filmmaking since a young age. Currently enrolled at Humber College studying Film and Television Production, his interests lie in the fields of directing, writing, and sound. Besides films, he spends his time working on music, photography, and the occasional Gunpla model kit.

Robin Welsford – Transportation/Craft Service 

Born and raised in Durham Region, Robin has always gravitated toward film and television. After two years at Humber College they have found an interest in the Art, VFX, and Sound departments. Robin hopes to be an Art Director in the future.

Ryan Zimmerly | Storyboard Artist

“She doesn’t even go here” – Mean Girls

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