Visual Effects

Before and after looks

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In what is the lightest of touchups we had to do, for our flashback scenes we had to put some sort of filter overtop to show that these shots were not taking place in the present moment. To accomplish this, a simple VR Glow from After Effects was applied.

For our security camera shots, we had to mount our camera high up on the set’s walls. Before implementing the lines and text, a number of effects had to be applied: – Warp Stabilization, Saturation to 0%, Fractal Noise to assist in the “Grainy” look, and a Compress to deteriorate the overall quality. Finally, the composition’s FPS settings were adjusted from 23.976 to 12, to give it that “jittery” look.


Our door on set wouldn’t close all the way so we held it shut with plenty of tape for scenes that didn’t require it to open. But whoops! When it opened here a piece of stray tape was sticking out. Fortunately content-aware filling exists.

Whoops! A cable found its way into the shot behind the window here. Fortunately, during our colouring session the colourist just went ahead and painted it out. David Hedley outlined data from one of the window panes and had Da Vinci Resolve apply that same pattern to the section that has the cable on it.

The opening scene of Bad Guys has all 3 cast members in the cell together. However, due to COVID restrictions only 2 actors were allowed on the set at any one specific time. To accomplish this, we just placed the camera in one spot and didn’t adjust it. We had Paul come in to do his part on the right side of the room, then had Michael & Jasmine come in to do their part on the left room, maintaining a total of 5 crew members on the floor at all times. (Image coming soon)

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